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أمينة Pessimist Of Intelligence. Optimist Of Will.

I wish there was a giant box in middle of a river with a narrow pathway to access the giant box. And the box has a small little window allowing everyone to throw their notes. Notes that express sadness, fear, heartbreak, anxiety, worries and all the negatives stuff written in a letter format by concerned individual. And perhaps once a year or every six month at midnight when the moon shines at its brightest the box with all it’s worries and negativity’s gets blown away and burned with fireworks while all it’s contributors watch with ease. And thus all the negative feelings are destroyed in a celebration and one can never return to them terrible thoughts because they were destroyed.

Some pains are meant to live in your heart and occasionally resurface every once in a while and break you down
but the pain will always be there no matter how hard you try to ignore it or push it away

(Source: indiamusic)



Well at that stage it’s not like you’re in love with that person, he may be a complete stranger. So you’re only trying to communicate with one another without being romantic. I think that stage is the enquiry stage. A lot of my friends agreed to ‘get to know’ the guy, and ended up liking each others personality, they seemed ideal for one another, and thus that’s when they did their nikah to make it official for them to go out for dinners, hold hand and be all mushy. :3


When I eat fresh baked naan, I feel really emotional.